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There has been discussion this summer(2015) in Google Groups about protecting your Mac from annoying adware and malware.

This link explains how to install and use Malwarebytes (formerly Adware Medic) Requires 10.7 or better. Link here  The weakness with this software is that the malware might be already on your Mac.

There was a presentation in August by Mark Feldman about using anti- malware software that detects and isolates the malware before it infects the computer. There is a link on the Presentations page. Examples of this software are: Intego Mac Security X8, Norton, Sphos, Kaspersky, and others.

Apple Ends Development of WiFi Routers

Apple has announced it will no longer be selling Airport, Airport Exppress, or Time Capsule hardware. These devices aven’t been updated in 3 years.  Apple no longer sells their own monitors. Apple would need to invest to keep these technologies on par with the competition.  Apple decided to invest resources elsewhere. Two that come to mind beside Belkin, Cisco, and D Link are Eero  and Google Home WiFi

We recently switched from antiquated Airport devices as the older routers dropped speeds down. We decided to go with Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite ERLITE-3 Desktop Router and added one

Ubiquiti Unifi Ap-AC Lite - Wireless Access Point - 802.11 B/A/G/n/AC.  These are not easy plug and play setup like te Airport devices.  The range and signal is greatly improved.

Before upgrading the OS from a previous version to Yosemite be sure to check software compatibility. The software program most often mentioned is Quicken 2007. It isn’t for Yosemite users. The way to find out about compatability of software before upgrading (then it is too late) is by visiting www.roaringapps.com. This is a helpful current database.

Sometimes we talk about the Finder. If this is new to you that is your desktop. Not in a software program. Look in the menu bar.
It should say Finder up there.

Making an upgrade depends on the age of your Mac. Some models are just too old to run Yosemite. If your Mac could handle Mavericks  10.9 it can handle Yosemite. Other considerations are the amount of RAM in your computer. 4GB of RAM is the minimum. It also depends on the kinds of things you do. Editing video taxes your system. 

If you plan on buying a new, current Mac keep in mind that RAM memory is no longer updatable. You cannot add more memory to the new Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. So weigh those factors when shopping and configuring. iMacs might be upgradeable.

Just like your car a computer needs some maintenance. Many times it might be an updatee from Apple that fixes bugs (at least some of them) and security updates. A few things that might help if it runs sluggishly might be the following.

  • Clean up your desktop. Just like when you were told to clean your room. Put files where they belong. Put files such as word processing files, saved pdfs away in the documents folder. Make folders instead of just dumping stuff in there.Delete stuff you reallly don’t need.
  • Empty the Trash. This frees up space on your computer.
  • Your computer might have very little RAM (such as  2 GB) or the hard drive may be almost filled. At least 10% of the internal hard drive should be free. In the Finder pull down the Apple icon and explore about this Mac. Look under storage. Looking here won’t hurt anything!
  • Have a current backup or two. It might be Time machine, or 3rd party software such as Super Duper or carbon Copy Cloner.  Details on sidebar on this page.Some users use a backup service such as Crash Plan or Carbonite. Others use Apple hardware called Time Capsule.

  • If you have problems and have Apple Care use it. You paid for it. Call Apple or make a Genius bar appointment at the Apple store.

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