Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner

Suppose the unthinkable happens and your hard drive fails. These 2 applications for your Mac make a clone of your hard drive. So you can back up and running quickly. 

You can restart your mac from these backups. That is not the case in Time Machine. It can restore files, but not make a clone of your hard drive. You can also repair /replace the internal drive and transfer the OS, applications, all your dcuments, music, users and settings. You are back up and running in a short time. Both of these Applications can be scheduled to backup when you wish provided they are connected to your Mac. They are not available in the App Store.

Super Duper screen

Screenshot from Super Duper

It will repair permissions (optional), then do it’s thing.The full version has atime-saver called Smart backups. It looks for new and changed files and updates those onto the external drive.

Super Duper website Link provides an overview from the software manufacturer.

Another information link about Super Duper:

superduper--cms-21474 explains features, how to set up, restore, etc.

Super Duper free is with limited use. Full featured version is $28.

Carbon Copy Cloner is similar to Super Duper. They claim to be more intuitive to use. The Application makes a bootable backup and logs your backup activity. It too can doo smart updates and scheduled backups.

One  can have a pulldown in the menu bar to start a backup.There is also a feature called Safety Net that keeps your recently deleted files.

To me it seems more commplicated. Part of that is bacause I am more familiar with Super Duper.


Screenshot from Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner website

MacWorld review of CCC  Nov.2014

Current version is CCC 4  
Pricing is $40 with an upgrade price of $20 for 3.5 version. Installation license is valid on all Macs in your household.

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