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This document is a guide for topics discussed at the March 17 Apple 101 Meeting on Backups presented by Ed Muhs.This document has numerous suggestions and links to videos and other resources on the web.

Backups are important. Hard drives fail. They are mechanical. People get their Phones wet or lose them. Your grandchild could delete stuff. Your information is important to protect and can be lots of work to get everything back as it was before. That is why you need to backup.

You should back up your iPhone or iPad.

There are 2 options:

  • Primary Back up to iCloud 
  • Secondary Back up to your Mac or PC using iTunes
  • You could do both as the best precaution.

Be sure to have a current version of iTunes if backing up to your computer. Current is iTunes 12.


So what exactly is the Cloud and iCloud?

They are simply computer servers that back up your data. Apple uses iCloud. They are just computers that are servers to backup your data. They are stored in huge buildings. Apple provides 5 GB of free space with your iCloud account. It only backs up Apple software created or stuff in programs like Pages, Numbers, contacts, calendar,your photos, videos,etc. This applies to both your Mac and iOS device.   Adding more space on iCloud to 20 GB is $12 a year.You can’t back up your entire computer to iCloud: just Apple generated documents. No you cannot back up your entire Mac on the Cloud.

 Below is a video and links explaining iCloud. VIDEO (free)

iCloud overview

System requirements

Learn how to set up on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC

Time Machine

Time Machine is Apple’s built in software to do backups from your Mac to an external hard drive. You can go back in time and restore files. The hard drive for Time Machine should be bigger than your internal drive. Just set up and schedule the backups. You can also backup wirelessly. We will get to that later….

Setting up Time Machine

Another setting up and restore link

 • How to verify the backup works


 You can back up more types of files here than iCloud. Granted you can’t clone your device like the backup to iTunes.

   You can buy more space from Dropbox.

 It is also a great way to share documents, photos, etc..The first 2 GB are free. 1 TB is $10 a month. It does not back up the OS and Applications.You can back up iOS documents to Dropbox.

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